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SU2C–Lustgarten Foundation Convergence Research Team: Computational Deconstruction of Neoantigen-TCR Degeneracy for Cancer Immunotherapy

Grant Term: January 2018–December 2020

The SU2C–Lustgarten Foundation Convergence Research Team is investigating why a small group of pancreatic cancer patients survive for many years after diagnosis, and developing tools to devise new cancer vaccines that will turn all pancreatic cancer patients into long term survivors.


The SU2C–Lustgarten Foundation Convergence Research Team is exploring the underpinnings of pancreatic survivorship. By looking at a few individuals who survive pancreatic cancer for long periods of time (5-12 years), the team has identified an initial set of high-quality neoantigens, or protein tags, on cancer cells that the immune system recognizes.

In this project, researchers are using artificial intelligence computational approaches to understand what makes a neoantigen high-quality and how the microbiome influences how the immune system recognizes it The goal is to develop a method for creating vaccines to treat pancreatic cancers. If successful, this research will have a significant impact on understanding neoantigen T-cell immunobiology and could improve the treatment prospects of pancreatic cancer patients.


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