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SU2C-CRUK Pediatric Cancer New Discoveries Challenge: Combinatorial Targeting of Oncogene-Driven Childhood Cancer

Grant Term: 2 Years

The SU2C-CRUK Pediatric Cancer New Discoveries Challenge is a new, focused effort to spark novel approaches and new collaborations from investigators both within and outside the field of paediatric cancer research, with the ultimate aim of increasing the number of innovative and effective approaches to treating paediatric cancers. This program will support collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, trans-Atlantic Teams to pursue a transformative change in our understanding of the drivers of paediatric cancers and the development of novel or repurposed medicines, treatment strategies or technologies. With a clear and rational line of sight to the clinic,these projects will have the potential to significantly impact paediatric cancer patients, including teenagers and young adults.


A major issue in the field of paediatric cancer is the plateauing of survival rates due to cancers that are inherently resistant to conventional frontline therapies. While there is much optimism due to the success of immunotherapies in the treatment of cancers, the application of these same agents to childhood cancers has been a disappointment. The diminished efficacy in children could be due to either immune evasion by paediatric tumours or an increased ability to create a barrier to immune cells. The Team proposes to address these possibilities in both neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma by: 1) designing CAR-T cells to overcome immune evasion as well as overcoming immune barriers by both formulating new compounds to overcome tumour growth and immune barrier formation and 2) by using a combination of drugs called an “in situ vaccine” to strengthen immune responses. They also propose to test combinations promising options arising from both aims to increase therapeutic efficiency.


Pediatric New Therapies Challenge Overview


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