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Posted October 7, 2019


On June 25, Hallmark Channel star and executive producer Alison Sweeney announced on social media she had been diagnosed with skin cancer. Luckily, she caught it early, and a bump on her nose was removed. Since then, she’s been encouraging others to be more vigilant about getting themselves checked out. We recently caught up with the Days of Our Lives and Chronicle Mysteries star, who shared more about her personal experiences with cancer.

1. We often say that everyone’s life is, in one way or another, touched by cancer. How has it touched yours?

My mother lost her mom to cancer when she was young and that has always been a big part of our family’s story and tough for my mom. As a result, I grew up very aware of how terrible cancer can be and how important it is to do everything we can to protect ourselves.

2. What do you wish you had known about skin cancer when you were younger? Is there any advice you would give your younger self?

My mom’s mom died of Lymphoma so my mom was always teaching my brothers and me to avoid smoking and the sun. She educated herself on every kind of cancer and really tried to protect us. But, as a kid it’s hard to listen – you don’t always want to lather up, or stop having fun to dry off and reapply sunscreen. I’m trying to be better about that as an adult, and for protecting my own kids.

3. Your involvement with SU2C has been a huge benefit to our work, and ultimately to patients. What motivates you to lend your voice to our cause?

It’s so important to me that we stand up to cancer – for my mom and for my friends who have lost their moms to the disease. We cannot keep letting cancer take so many loved ones too early and I really feel passionately about helping in any way I can to raise awareness, to encourage people to take care of themselves, and to also understand what a great organization SU2C is — a fantastic place to donate if you’re able.

4. If we asked you to recruit a friend in the entertainment industry to become an SU2C ambassador, what would be your pitch?

First of all, SU2C is an organization that you can be proud to lend your name to. When you’re asking your fans to support you and to donate, you have to know the money is being used well and SU2C is so transparent and forthright, with results available for everyone to see. What they’re doing is WORKING.

5. Who do you Stand Up for?

My kids and their kids, so that they don’t have to lose someone they love to cancer.


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