Stan Up To Cancer’s campaign is designed to increase awareness about the critical importance of participating in cancer clinical trials, which allow researchers to study innovative and potentially lifesaving new drugs with the goal of finding cancer treatments that improve upon what’s currently available. The campaign encourages patients and their loved ones to visit or to learn more about clinical trials and begin the conversation with their doctor to find out which clinical trial(s) may be right for them. Visitors to the website will find easy-to-understand content (in English and Spanish) explaining what clinical trials are, the benefits of participating, and what to expect if you or a loved one participates in a clinical trial. The websites also provide a list of questions that can be printed for reference during discussions with a healthcare provider. Additionally, the sites provide a free and confidential Clinical Trial Finder, allowing patients or their caregivers interested in finding an appropriate clinical trial to submit an online form, or call a toll-free number, to begin the process. This toolkit provides shareable and downloadable resources we hope the National Outreach Network (NON) Community Health Educators (CHEs) find useful in their work with various communities. Please feel free to contact us at


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