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At Stand Up To Cancer our ambition is simple: make every cancer patient a cancer survivor. Everyone on our team has a personal connection to cancer and a deep investment in this mission. That’s why SU2C is funding the most cutting-edge research and holding ourselves accountable to real results that save lives. We are all in this together.


Katie Couric, Sherry Lansing, Kathleen Lobb, Lisa Paulsen, Rusty Robertson, Sue Schwartz,
Pam Oas Williams, Ellen Ziffren, Sung Poblete, PhD, RN


Sung Poblete, PhD, RN, President & Chief Executive Officer
Cathryn Dhanatya, PhD, Chief Scientific Administrative Officer
Deborah Morrison, Chief Financial Officer
Joe Kadish, Administrative Manager
Vance White, Executive Assistant to Chief Financial Officer
Brandi Cotright, Executive Assistant

Advocacy & Strategic Collaborations

Renee Nicholas, Vice President of Advocacy & Strategic Collaborations
Frederick Johnson, BCPA, Advocacy & Strategic Collaborations Specialist
Tim Hayes, Associate Director, Business Development
Anabella Ciliberto, Catalyst Account Director


Fiona McRobert, Senior Vice President, Communications
Jane E. Rubinstein, Senior Vice President, Communications
Kim Warden, Communications Manager
Monica Maceo, Communications Assistant


Nancy Kim, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy
Robyn Bucknam, Vice President, Digital
Brandis DeZon, Senior Director, Digital
Maggie Bell, Associate Director, Digital Marketing
Stephanie Bours, Associate Director, Social Media & Content
Brian Lee, Digital Platform Coordinator
Mo Haley, Digital Assistant


Shawn Burke, CPA, Vice President Finance & Controller
Victoria Tang, Accounting Manager
Evelyn Broadwell, Senior Accountant
Mikki Kamantigue, Senior Financial Analyst
Kristian Hager, Accounts Receivable Manager
Marcia Brewer, Accounts Clerk – Receivables
Tanisha Nall, Accounting Coordinator – Payables

In-House Production

Rachael Nisenkier, Producer
Amanda Szot, Creative Producer
Tiff Shih, Video Editor
Patricia Alberto, Senior Production Coordinator
Ellen Schniepp, Production Coordinator

Marketing Team

Rusty Robertson, Partner, Robertson Schwartz Agency (RSA) / SU2C Co-Founder
Sue Schwartz, Partner, Robertson Schwartz Agency (RSA) / SU2C Co-Founder
Angee Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Donor Relations (RSA)
Julia Stein, Consumer Products & Creative Services (RSA)
Lauren Lewis, Director, Marketing & Donor Relations (RSA)
Jena Umfress, Manager, Marketing & Donor Relations (RSA)
Vivian Ritchie Handler, Consumer Products & Creative Services (RSA)
Pearce Quesenberry, Marketing & Communications Coordinator (RSA)
Claude Morin, Executive Assistant, Marketing & Donor Relations (RSA)
Melissa Lackas, Assistant, Marketing & Donor Relations (RSA)

Media Development

Maurine Slutzky, Senior Vice President of Media Development
Taylor Ratcliff, Senior Manager, Media Development
Alex Reed, Senior Media Development Coordinator
Samantha Doctrow, Media Development Coordinator

Human Resources and Office Services

Maggie J. Yi, Human Resources Director
April James, Administrative Manager
Stephanie Garcia, Human Resources Assistant


Jenny Kuntz, Senior Vice President, Operations
Chelsey Emanuel, Director of Operations
Evelyn Fees, Director of Donor Stewardship
Dave Latham, Senior Asset & Licensing Manager
Jason Redlitz, Operations Coordinator
Munira Shehabi, Operations Assistant

Philanthropy & Community Relations

Jim O’Sullivan, Director of Philanthropy & Corporate Relations
Bobby Fergerstrom, Senior Manager, Philanthropy & Community Relations


David Bernstein, PhD, Senior Director, Science & Strategy
Cathy Higgins, PhD, Director of Scientific Program Management
Stephen Rosenberg, PhD, Scientific Program Manager
Helen Martirosova, Scientific Program Coordinator
Cristina Fajardo, Clinical Trials Specialist
Maggie Sullivan, Administrative Assistant

American Association For Cancer Research (AACR)

Margaret Foti, PhD, MD(hc), Chief Executive Officer
Michael K. Stewart, Chief Financial Officer
Ruth E. Fortson, Director, Executive Office Administration
Jon G. Retzlaff, Managing Director, Science Policy & Government Affairs
Richard G. Buck, Senior Director, Communications & Public Relations
Richard L. Lobb, Director of Communications
John (Yixian) Zhang, PhD, Senior Director, Scientific Review & Grants Administration
Jayashree Karar, PhD, Senior Scientific Program Administrator
Christina Leah B. Kline, PhD, Senior Scientific Program Administrator
Mary (Zhi) Wang, Administrative Manager
Jaquelyn N. Crutchley, Program Associate
Susan G. Kotwicki, Program Assistant
Benjamin A. Young, Program Assistant
Lauren M. Santarone, CMP, Assistant Director, Meetings and Exhibits


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