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Cancer clinical trials measure whether new therapies or new combinations are better than the best treatments we have today. Today’s cancer treatments were carefully evaluated in clinical trials before being approved for wider use.

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Cancer clinical trials are open to participants from all backgrounds and walks of life. The more diverse the patient population is during the trial, the better researchers will understand how a larger population will respond to the treatment once it is on the market.

Signing on for a Phase I trial, I felt, was the best option for me. I was going to get a cutting-edge therapy that other women going through ovarian cancer at the same time I was weren’t going to get. Because of the clinical trial I participated in, the care I got is now the standard of care for other women.
Jamie Crase
Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Trial Participant

How Trials Are Organized

Trials need to be designed in a way that will produce useful data. Researchers must be able to show whether a benefit seen in a trial is actually a result of the treatment being studied. Likewise, they must figure out whether any side effects are caused by the treatment. And they need to do all that using a population of patients who are each unique individuals.

Why Your Participation Matters

Cancer clinical trials provide knowledge that advances cancer care. Every participant adds to that knowledge. Researchers learn which patients are likely to respond to which drugs, learn more about how cancer works, and may also discover approaches that work for other cancers.

Even when a study drug doesn’t prove to be better than the standard treatment, researchers still learn from those trials. Sometimes all it takes is a dose adjustment. Other times, using a drug in combination makes the difference. Or it may be that they need to move on to the next promising idea.

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